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Even if you do not want a pet, PLEASE Share. These babies would love to be in a foster home! 🐾


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National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day is celebrated across the nation on April 30th, but these fur babies right here in the Wiregrass need a home now!

Did you know, every year, just in the U.S., about 6.5 million animals go into animal shelters? More interestingly, roughly half of them are cats and half of them are dogs.


This page is sponsored by Lucky Dog Training Academy

Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog

It goes without saying that when you adopt a rescue pet, you’re saving a life—but you’re actually saving more than one. By adopting, you’re helping make space for another animal in need and helping to give them the opportunity to become beloved pets.

Many people worry about connecting with a rescued dog, but shelter dogs have so much love to give—and they won’t ever stop giving it to you once you let them into your heart!

Maybe you’re trying to live a more active lifestyle, or maybe you’re just looking for a new adventure. Either way, a new four-legged friend gives you a reason to get outdoors more and stretch your legs!

Life is full of stresses, but your rescue dog is always there to listen. They won’t ever judge you or let you down. Taking some time to destress with your furry friends can help you unwind and keep you at peace.

Beyond just helping an animal in need, you’re giving a rescue an opportunity to find their voice; to be themselves and get a second chance to become a dog beyond the walls of shelter or rescue. You truly give them the keys to start anew in a life where second chances can often be hard to come by.

What could be better than having a lifelong friend? In your time with your rescue dog, you’ll have a confidante, a pal and ultimately—a beloved family member. You’ll never feel lonely, and in return neither will your shelter dog.


One thing that’s for certain, is that life with a rescue dog brings big changes—in the best way! Say goodbye to predictable nights and your boring routine and say hello to a new lease on life. Your new pet will keep life exciting, fresh and full of love.





To adopt or help, contact the shelters listed above or Call WOOF FM with any lost or found pets at 1-800-239-WOOF


If you can not adopt a pet, call the shelter to find out how to donate.


Share this page on your social media sites! Maybe someone you know is looking for a fur baby listed here.


Listen to 99 7 WOOF FM to learn more about the benefits of pet adoption.

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