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KIDS! Get your paretns permission to visit these fun learning sites!

Gary and his daughter Anna won an award for the Alabama Peanut Producers "The Perfectly Powerful Peanut."

Older Students & Parents:

1) TAKE THAT COURSE YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO TAKE: There are hundreds of Ivy League courses from schools like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, that you can take online for free. From Art & Design and Business to Social Sciences, Engineering or Medicine, you are sure to find something to broaden your horizons and fire those sleepy synapsis.

2) COLOR THESE PRINTABLE PAGES: Get out the color pencils and markers because Just Color has some fabulous free downloadable coloring pages on topics like travel, art, nature, and history.

3) ENJOY MUSEUMS: Google Arts and Culture has partnered with more than 2,500 museums and galleries around the world in order to offer virtual tours and online displays of their collections to internet surfers (and if you screenshare with a friend, it’s like you’re touring the museum together!) You can also use the “Send Me Art” texting service courtesy of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

4) READ A BOOK: Try the new book from our very own John Tesh! “Relentless”

5) ORGANIZE SMALL AREAS: Clean out and organize your junk door—it will feel like a huge accomplishment.

6) CLEAN YOUR SCREENS: Remove smudges and grime from your screens and keyboards.

7) TALK ON THE PHONE: Now that everyone is focused on social distancing and isolation, you can take some time to recharge old friendships by dropping them a line.

8) DO THE ONCE-A-YEAR JOBS: Flip over and rotate your mattress so you can sleep better; purge your phone of bad photos and contacts you don’t want anymore; dust the bookshelf; clean out your clothes closet and load up a giveaway bag.

9) FOCUS ON SELF CARE: You now have more time to sit quietly and meditate. Do some stretches in the morning. Soak in a tub with some candles. Scrub your feet. Do a facial masque if you have some on hand. Bring flowers in the house. Use your good china and table clothes to eat a homemade dinner with some soft music playing—and remember to drink plenty of water, especially after the wine.

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Listen at 8:30am to WIN!

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