Josh Oestrike

Josh Oestrike

Weekend Overnights
Saturday 12 a.m. – 7 a.m.

Sundays 12 a.m . – 6 a.m.

Special thanks to WOOF FM Listener, Jim for sending Josh these comic gems!

 Bascom, FL
Year Started at WOOF:
Years in Radio:
 Since 2015
 Playing guitar & collecting Funko Pops
Favorite Movies:
What We Do Is Secret, One Week Nowehere Boy, Drive % The Dark Knight
Favorite Food:
 Black eye peas
Favorite Book:
 Professional Idiot: A Memoir
Turn Ons:
 Accents, optimism & compassion
Turn Offs:
 Negativity, bullying & bad drivers
Favorite Part About Working at WOOF:
 Entertaining the audience / the WOOF Staff & co-workers
Favorite Time Of The Year and Why:
 Winter – it’s perfect for flannel & bonfires





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